Spring Cleaning Your Devices

Get ready, Spring is almost here! That means spring cleaning and no, you’re not about to a read a blog post teaching you how to dust off your computer. But who’s like me and is guilty of having too much crap on their devices? IT experts say it’s good to clean out your storage spaces in your devices at least once a year. Yes, it can take some time, but this blog post is a guideline to show you how to do it pretty easily. It’s not only good to clean out your devices for your sanity, or to make sure you have room for all your selfies. It is also good for protecting your personal information as well!

spring cleaning blog post

Keeping yourself protected

A lot of people, myself included have many accounts floating around that go unused. This can be a hackers gateway into your private accounts. Having shared passwords and security questions can make you vulnerable. Try to make a list and go through all the accounts you do not use. (Example: e-mail accounts, social media profiles etc.) Delete all of the ones that you do not use often. For your existing accounts, make sure all of your passwords are different across the board. I know you’ve been using the same password since freshman year of high school.. but you’re so past “IloveStephanie123.”

Delete or Move old crap out of your life

I know you want to keep that blurry picture of you and your bestie dancing at Club Pheonix (which no longer exists) back in 2013 , BUT let’s be honest.. it’s not necessary.  Try your best to delete all the old photos you know you don’t need, but for those little gems you just have to have, there’s places to store them.

Google photos – This free app lets anyone upload videos and photos to the cloud. Also allows free unlimited storage as well for videos up to 1080p and photos up to 16 megapixels. Here you can keep all those silly photos of you and your cat so .. you’re welcome.

Dropbox – Great for computers and your mobile devices. With Dropbox it’s easy to save your photos, create albums, and share them with family and friends. Not just for photo sharing though. This is a great app to store and share files and documents as well!

Delete unused apps – I had 3 food delivery apps in my phone, never used and unnecessary. I was surprised at how much space was cleared up after deleting them. Take a look at how much storage space apps are taking up and delete all of the ones you know you never use or see if you can delete something within the app to free up space. Often times your music apps can take up a ton of space, try deleting old playlists or songs you don’t necessarily like.

photo from Pexels

 Clean up your Inbox you hoarder!

I know, you’re cringing just thinking about looking at your inbox and cleaning it out. Luckily here’s some things that can help you clean it out quick and easy!

Email app – The name is simple and so is the ease of using the app. It’s a super quick way to unsubscribe to all of those annoying emails you get. This app supports Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, Icloud and others. Here’s how it works: Download the app, go to be subscriptions section, and then you will see all the companies that send you all the annoying e-mails.

Sanebox –  Trying to get everything organized? Sanebox automatically sorts your e-mail into separate folders based on the each e-mails importance. It even has a folder called “Sanelater” that puts emails of little importance in one place for you to look at later. They have a 30 day free trial, and after that only $5 a month.

Don’t Forget your computer

Check your storage space – Just like your phone, check your storage in your computer to see what all you can eliminate. Sometimes you can have old programs or apps loaded that you forget about.

Dropbox – Like I listed above, it’s great for storing photos and videos and allows you to share them easily. It’s also a great place to store files from your computer as well!

CCleaner – This tool helps you tidy up junk left by your browsers and other apps, fixes up problems in the registry and more. If you get the Pro version, you can scan more files and run on a schedule too. There’s a free version, and pro version for $24.95.

Duplicate Files Finder (free, Windows) and DupeGuru (free, MacOS) – This third-party program can help you find and delete all of those duplicate files you may have on your computer.



Hope this helps you all out! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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