Holiday Gift Guide

Besides me, who else needs to get started on their Holiday shopping?

Below, I have put together a list of gifts broken down into 5 categories so you can easily shop for the right person!

Gifts for Travelers

gifts for travelers1. This Kiel James Patrick Custom bracelet for him or her lets you add the coordinates of a memorable place that means a lot to that person. ($68)

2. This Kiel James Patrick monogrammed bracelet is for the ocean lovers who enjoy some time out to sea or like myself, just love pearls and anchors. Customize it with  your initials and coastal themed charms.($88)

3. For the frequent flyer, this Carry-on cocktail kit may come in handy for long flights! ($24)

4. For the earth tromping traveler, check out these Ankle Boots! Comfortable and chic, these are perfect for taking long walks and exploring. ($99+)


Gifts for Wine Lovers

gifts for wine lovers

5.  This wine table is perfect for picnics. Cozy up next to your loved one and enjoy some wine and treats! ($22)

6. A great gift to compliment the table, would be a wine tote! ($19.95)

7. For the clumsy wine lover in your life, get them this wine stain remover spray. A great stocking stuffer or little gift to add in. ($8)

8. These custom wine toppers are great keepsakes for friends and family, and you can’t beat the price. ($5+)

9. For the extreme wine junkies that even want to smell like they’ve downed a whole bottle Merlot, get them wine soap! ($6.50)

10. Here’s one of my favorites and if no one gets this for me, I’ll gift it to myself. This yummy wine and cheese board would make any wine lover happy. ($49.99)


Gifts for Tea Lovers


11. This Blooming Tea is not only visually satisfying, but taste-bud pleasing as well! The set comes with 3 flavors and each are hand sewn in china to create beautiful flowers that bloom as your tea steeps. ($21)

12. Get your daily dose of antiquiTEA with Novel Tea (ah, get it.. ?) This could be for both book and tea lovers. Each tea bag has beloved quotes from your favorite authors.($12.50)

13. Another great duo-gift would be the Wine Flavored Tea. Great for people (like me) who are passionate for both tea and wine! Get the best of both worlds. ($18.99)

Gifts for Book Lovers


14. Great for the emotional book lover in your life, this book tissue box will be sure to come in handy when their tears are flowing when getting through The Perks of Being a Wallflower. ($14.99)

15. Because your book loving friends will not only want to read a book, but smell it as well. These literary candles are named for the locations in literary classics. They will take you on a journey to enjoy the most memorable moments of the classic novels. ($16)

16. Toast to timeless classics with a literary glass. With your choice between 4 classic novels, you can sit back, relax and have a nice drink while still honoring one of your favorite books. Also, this may be a great conversation starter for people (like myself) who enjoy talking about Pride and Prejudice non-stop. ($13)

17. For the generous book lover, here’s a personal librarian kit. A cute little kit for a bibliophile to keep track of who’s borrowing their books and who needs to return them. I’m guilty of holding on to my friend’s P&P book for almost a year. ($10.57)


Gifts for Gardeners

gift for gardeners

18. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with the grow your own salsa kit. Complete with everything you need to get it started. Comes with six seed packets for Roma tomatoes, jalapeños, verde tomatillos, cilantro, scallions, and beefsteak tomatoes. ($12)

19. This grow your own cocktail kit is pretty genius. So convenient to have all your favorite cocktail fixins straight from your garden. Along with the complete starter guide, it also includes six seed packets for thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm, and blue borage. ($12)

20.  This cute mason jar flower garden makes it super easy to grow your own flowers indoors that you can enjoy year round! ($20)


Hope this helps you all out. Happy Shopping!



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