Shopping in The Kids Department

One of the things I actually love about being petite, is being able to shop in the kids department. As funny as this sounds, it really pays off.

Many times I run into the problem of the chest not being big enough or the top getting stuck over my big head. Sometimes I have to yell for assistance to get the clothes off, yet I find that quite comical despite the struggle.

Even though people say, “Just get everything tailored,” I rather not spend the time or money getting every piece I want (which is a lot) tailored. So instead I just try and scout out similar items in the kids section.

Thinking back, I find that my attire when I was younger, is very different then the kids these days. On the first day of middle school I wore a pink flamingo skirt with a shirt to match. Now, kids are wearing crop tops, mini skirts, and growing in areas I only dreamed of at that age. BUT fortunately for me, it makes it easier to find trendy stuff for my small body.

One of my favorite jackets came from the Burberry girls collection. I’ve found that a size 14Y Burberry jacket fits perfect! Of course when buying kids sizes, you pay MUCH less. So this is great, especially for name brands! Perks of being little.

Here’s a few stores to check out:

Zara Kids

For shoes, dresses, and whatever else you are looking for, they will have it. The lengths of their items are pretty spot on.


Because saving money on the best brand names is always great.


Definitely check them out. If you are petite and slim, you may be able to fit the larger crewcut sizes. Looking at the sizing chart, size 14 in girls will fit somone 4’10”-5’3″, 90-112 lbs, and with waist 26″, 34 hip, and 32.5 chest.

Gap kids

Check out the selection of outerwear. If you can wear a size petite size XS or XXS, you can fit into the larger sizes in the Gap girls’ selection.


A Nike girls’ size extra large will most likely match a women’s size small. The extra large in girls’ (size 16) measures 26.75″ waist, 35″ hip, and 33.25″ chest. The women’s small (size 4-6) fits up to 26.5″ waist, 36″ hip, and 34.5″ bust.




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    1. Thanks so much ! I really appreciate your kind words! I’m excited to finally have a blog, it’s been a long time coming haha. I finally have the time now, so I will be posting content frequently. ๐Ÿ™‚


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